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Gambling Strategies



The martingale strategy is a very popular betting strategy. The way it works is by betting on one color with a small percentage of your balance. Upon a loss, you multiply the bet amount by 2. Everytime you lose the bet is multiplied by 2, but if you win you return the bet amount to the original small percentage.

Some say that the martingale strategy is the safest way to bet. The strategy isn't for those who want to win tons of money fast, but you are guaranteed profit as long as there isn't a long losing streak.

All-In Bonus Code

Most of the bonus codes we provide give you close to a dollar of bonus credits to bet with. Betting your entire balance on one color can quickly multiply your balance. The winnings can be used to withdraw skins, or to use for the martingale strategy.


This strategy is easiest to do on websites with an autobet feature, but it can be done without it. This strategy uses a low cashout multiplier such as 1.05x, which would be inputted into the autobet. This strategy only fails, when there is an instant crash or a lmultiplier lower than your set cashout multiplier.

Low and Safe

CSGO Cases or Website Cases - Which is better?

Even though CSGO cases are straight from the source, they have far worse odds of profiting than website cases. Not only do you have better odds with website cases, but on some websites you can pick-and-choose the skins you want to be in the case!

What Is VGO and vIRL?

VGO items are digital items generated using a blockchain technology, these digital items come in the form of cool-vibrant skins. VGO was created to get around CSGO's 7-day trade cool down.

vIRL (virtual in real life) items are real life items that you can receive. So if you unbox 'iPhone X case', that phone case can be either sold or shipped to your house. All vIRL items are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

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match betting


Research is the best way to increase your odds of winning in match betting. Understanding how the teams have played together in the past, location, and other reasonings can change the outcome of the match. If you don't want to go through the effort of researching, we recommend using prediction websites like this one here.

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What is CSGO gambling?

CSGO gambling otherwise known as 'skin betting', is a form of online gambling using CSGO skins. These skins are digital video game items of the game Counter-Strike Global Offensive. You can win thousands from just an affiliate code, but it just takes patience and a lot of luck.

What is CSGOCodes?

We provide people with trusted gambling and earning websites with promotional codes. These codes either give bonus credits or a deposit bonus. As by 'trusted', we mean that these websites have fair odds, and have a working system of withdrawal.