List of CSGO & VGO Gambling Site Affiliate Codes. Promo codes for every betting gamemode, roulette, crash, case opening, coinflip, jackpot, and more. Your Free Skins Are Waiting for You!
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Match Betting Sites
We have gathered a list of gambling sites that offer users a free bonus for redeeming an affiliate code. These bonuses can be used to win actual prizes. Use our provided affiliate codes to receive the largest possible free bonuses!
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Skin betting now includes CSGO, VGO and vIRL items. These are all completly different, but they all have one major thing in common. They can be virtually traded. Skin betting is the wagering of these items, where you deposit/trade these items to gambling websites, where they can be wagered. You can revamp your inventory with new and more expensive skins that you won on these gambling sites that are listed.


Gambling sites have created numerous amount of gamemodes to play to let users have more fun. In the early days of skin betting, there were three main gamemodes; jackpot, roulette and match betting. Nowadays there is so many more gamemodes to choose from! Case opening, crash, coinflip and dice are just a few of the many new gamemodes available to play!


VGO skins were created to be collectible virtual items that run on blockchain technology. This blockchain technology makes your VGO safe and virtually unhackable. VGO items have no trade limitations, unlike CSGO's 7-day item trade ban.The best way to purchase VGO items is through the OPSkins website. OPSkins charges a fee when selling VGO items so it is recommended to use a trading site to avoid this fee.
vIRL is completely different from VGO and CSGO. vIRL items are virtual in real life items, meaning that you can virtually trade items that you can also receive and use in real life. These items can be anything from basic T-Shirt to an expensive pair of designer shoes. All items are certified to be legitimate, and can be shipped or sold on the OPSkins website.
5 Match Betting Sites with Affiliate Codes that Give You Free Bonuses.